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Children & Adolescents

Neurofeedback can allow children and adolescents stay on the right track.  These are critical years for development of healthy behaviors.  And, the younger one is, the more flexible their brain is, which is why neurofeedback yields positive results quickly with young brains. 

We see lots of costly medicine prescribed for diagnoses such as autism and ADD, but not many people are actually getting better over time with medication.  


The causes & cure of autism are a medical mystery to this day.  Many believe it is a combination of trauma, toxins, or pathogens up against genetics.  Neurofeedback studies on clients with autism spectrum disorder show significant improvement in social functioning as well as emotional and behavioral reactions.


The neurological imbalances known as ADHD & ADD can cause not just inattention, but depression & explosive behavior - in children as well as adolescents.  Additionally, there are dangerous side effects to the medications commonly prescribed for Attention Hyperactivity/Deficit Disorders.  Neurofeedback offers lasting improvements in impulsivity, hyperactivity and attention span.

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