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Our Vision

The Dilemma of Addiction


It is impossible to go through life & not run into situations that are uncomfortable.

Having an addicted mind often makes one all-consumed with the way they feel at the moment.  It means living at the mercy of the immediate environment or state of mind.  Since state of mind is everything, having an illogical thought process means you cannot progress until it is handled.  

It takes a very strong life to overcome alcoholism or drug addiction, or help another person overcome it.  It can feel impossible until it is possible, but from your own growth you can completely turn your life around!  When you change that, you will no longer need to suffer again.  Your suffering is tailor made so you can learn what kind of freedom you require in order to be happy.

Overcoming addiction is like a spiritual freedom that allows you to be confronted by ANY circumstance or person & be completely unfettered.  Rather than be brought down, you are not affected in the same way. 

Working with someone with an addiction is difficult because people don't make realizations on OUR time.  They change in their own time. 


Nonetheless it is never too late to wake up to your mission.


High Target Goals 

Focus on meaningful employment, charitable & academic achievement.

Maintain exercise & healthy eating habits.

Commit to active & healthy social connections.

Addiction is not an intellectual question; which means addiction cannot be solved with intellectual explanations or understanding. 


The disease of addiction lives in the mind. In the mind, addiction creates the rationalizations & justifications that allow relapses to occur once the client is out of a controlled environment of a residential treatment or sober living home. Recovery grows in the heart, soul, & spirit, which is why a stable environment with like-minded people is so important.


Priorities' vision is to treat each person uniquely, as individuals all have unique experiences. Priorities's mission is to provide the social support necessary to increase a level of commitment to continue sobriety on an individualized path.



Featured Progams


Addiction affects a broad scope of one's lifestyle, often causing a fallout in family issues, finances, career goals, & relationships.


Substance abuse affects members of all socio-economic positions. Our programs take stock of all factors involved in treating the individual as well as family members involved in one's life.


Financial problems and tragedy within families often cause at-risk youths as well as adults to end up seeking escape in drugs and addictive behavior. The level of financial turmoil is irrelevant; the deeper issue is instability within the home.

To the extent that Priorities seeks to help individuals with addiction, our ideas, plans and programs work to carry out ways to prevent at-risk clientele. We are not sitting on the sidelines waiting for problems to occur.


When we look at the possibilities of preventing addiction, the concepts of financial literacy, domestic and mental well-being, we see that the probability of addiction is lower when we reduce problems on a continuum. The problems related to addiction stem from a gap in support on many levels. Because there are different manifestations of addictions, our programs work across many boards.

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