Hand Up Campaign: Snapshot on Rebekah B.

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"I arrived in California almost one year ago looking for a fresh start. I became homeless 3 years ago after fleeing an abusive marriage & a difficult divorce. I am now attempting to get back on my feet physically, emotionally, & financially. I make an honest attempt every day to keep a positive mindset & grow in all aspects of my life. I was a licensed CNA in Texas as well as Oklahoma & I am looking to pursue my certification in California. I came to Malibu last March to escape the violence and chaos of the homeless experience in other areas of L.A. County. If you would like to know more about me, I am documenting my personal growth on insta @notebookpaperprincess which gives you a peek into who I actually am as a person.  I look forward to the future because that’s the only way I am now going!"

What we do

Eliminating homelessness means working alongside the City of Malibu & several non-profits,  investing time & money to operate social services that are dramatically reducing homelessness in our town.

Another way we work is by partnering with regional corporations to support development of a multifaceted program that includes faith, career development, counseling to create groundbreaking changes in people's lives.  

  • Collect donations such as furniture, housewares, & day to day necessities

  • Partner with civil, public, private & professional organizations 

  • Support local initiatives such as outreach, taking people off the streets

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